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Opened Cell

Open Cell insulation is much better than traditional insulation, but is the least expensive option in the Spray Foam insulation line. Open Cell insulation is a sponge like material that has an R value of 3.5 to 3.7 per inch. On average someone using an Open Cell insulation product sees these benefits.

Closed Cell

Closed Cell insulation is also better than traditional insulation and has benefits over open cell because the R value is higher. Closed cell has an R value of 6.4 to 6.8 per inch. It also inhibits mold growth, mildew and odors. It also can increase the structural integrity of the home. On average, someone using a Closed Cell insulation product sees these benefits.

Green Cell

Green Cell insulation is a Open Cell insulation product made from a variety of green products depending on the manufacturer (soy, sucrose, or other green organic compounds) instead of an all petroleum product making it the more environmentally friendly option. It is a great addition for people looking to be more green friendly while having all the benefits of a Open Cell insulation.