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Green Cell Spray Foam

Green Cell insulation is a Open Cell insulation product made from a variety of green products depending on the manufacturer (soy, sucrose, or other green organic compounds) instead of an all petroleum product making it the more environmentally friendly option. It is a great addition for people looking to be more green friendly while having all the benefits of a Open Cell Spray Foam insulation.

SoyTherm 200 spray foam insulation is a two-component, open-cell, spray-applied, HFC 245fa blown rigid polyurethane insulation foam. It is made from soybeans and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, VOC’s, formaldehyde, or asbestos. SoyTherm 200 requires less energy to produce than spray foams made of petroleum products.

  • Provides a continuous barrier
  • Prevents moisture infiltration through air leakage
  • Minimizes dew point problems and condensation
  • Avoids thermal bridging
  • Resists heat movement in all directions
  • Provides reliable performance under varying conditions
  • Helps reduce exterior noise
  • Creates a barrier against gas and odor
  • Retards insects and rodent penetration
  • Adds structural integrity to the house
  • Meets Class 1 requirements